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Our Story


FurtherFund was founded on the belief that every organization that works to make people's lives better deserves the opportunity to thrive and succeed. We started FurtherFund after noticing a gap in the fundraising landscape to share expertise and best practices with those who have a social justice mission and vision so they can expand their impact and make the biggest and best difference possible.  

Many fundraising consultants only serve select organizations, focus on one particular area, or charge unreasonable fees for services. We serve any organization, no matter the size, reach, or mission, and determine fees based on the scope of each individual job, while working within your organization's capacity. We work one-on-one with each of our clients to figure out the best options to assist YOU.

We are a husband and wife team who, together, have worked on projects that have helped clients raise over $750 million to date. Our company has a "mom and pop shop" and family feel -- together, we form a fundraising consulting team with all of the tools to suit your organization. We believe that non-profits can thrive immensely with the right support and we will always tell you what we think is the best solution for your organization, regardless of how it may affect us, and work with you to achieve your organization's dreams. 


Matt Gross
and Co-Founder

Prior to starting FurtherFund, Matt served as an Executive Director for a strategic consulting firm that worked with non-profits and served as a Development Director for a non-profit summer camp. He has counseled firms in many sectors, helping them raise dollars to further their mission and ideas, coached Executives to better run their non-profit, helped organizations recruit Board members, develop communications and marketing strategies, among other things.

Rachel Gross 
Senior Vice President and Co-Founder

Rachel has served as a Grants Manager and Grant Writer before she decided to take the leap to help start FurtherFund. Rachel's expertise is in the education sector, working with school districts and helping all non-profits strengthen their partnerships in the community.

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