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General Nonprofit and Development Coaching

The General Nonprofit and Fundraising Coaching service is a unique partnership advisement plan that was created to specifically fill the need for nonprofits who either want someone to help guide them throughout their fiscal year, but don't necessarily have the budget (or time) to devote to hiring another nonprofit/development professional on their staff, or to simply have another experienced professional to strategize with their development team and Board.


With this service, we provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Monthly, scheduled, accountability check-ins to discuss current and upcoming activities

  • Strategic planning guidance and direction, including potential focus areas

  • Preparation for upcoming Board meetings, including specific agenda topics and different strategies to be discussed with your Board

  • Newsletter input as it pertains to overall effectiveness and engagement

  • Donor collateral advice (i.e. You are meeting with a potential donor and want to share with them what you do -- what do you make sure they leave that meeting with and what are the contents inside (brochure, summary, etc.))

  • General annual appeal and capital campaign advice on structure and principles

  • Guidance on all other events and activities relating to outreach and fundraising

  • Overall time management skills, as we know that you can be pulled in all different directions when you work for a nonprofit with a limited number of staff

  • Guidance on how to address potential donors via email, in-person, etc. as it relates to fundraising goals (i.e. a potential donor reaches out to inquire about more information and that they are considering making a donation -- what exactly should you write back to maximize their giving potential?)

  • General advice on all budgeting/staffing questions

  • Grant review and revision

  • Access to exclusive webinars

  • Guidance on creating a full-cycle donor communications calendar and how to cultivate/steward donors

  • Access to FurtherFund via email and phone outside of normal check-ins

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